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The Next Morning Luna had all the girls meet up at Rai's shrine.

"LUNA! what are you doing here?? I thought you and diana went back to the future and see how everything was doing? I thought you had left a week ago!"

yelled Rai, she was as confused as the rest of the girls.

"that's because we never went to the future, we were hiding out, girls listen something terrable is happening." Luna explained, each of the girls looked at her and she looked back at them. "The Future of the moon is being attacked by a new enemy!" She shouted the other girls looked up in shock.

"WHAT??!" Rai Shouted.

"It can't be! I thought we got rid of them all!" Mokato then yelled.

"what can we do luna??" asked Ami.

Luna gave a sigh and then looked to Chibiusa who was sitting between Helios and Hotaru.

"this new enemy must be fought by Chibiusa, because she's now the new Neo-Sailor moon." Luna continued.

"Then we'll help her!" shouted rai with a smile.

"No..." Luna said sadly and suddenly and all the girls looked at her.

"why? why can't we help chibiusa?? we can still fight!" Rai continued.

"Because it's not time for you to be senshi anymore, you had your turn it's time for a new generation of senshi." She then looked over at Vesuevesue, Pallapalla, junjun and celecele. they looked up and looked at their transformation wands.

"us?...but...why us?...we had hurt so many people the last time we were here...why pick us?" CeleCele asked.

"because your the new planets that showed up in the solorsystem not too long ago, also known as the four new asteroids." Diana spoke up suddenly, they looked over at her and Luna nodded. "you have been chosen to take the place of Rai, Ami, Mokato and Minako, just as Usagi had her guardions you are the gaurdions of the neo Princess of the moon!"

Everyone looked shocked and then fell silent for a long time.

"can you believe it?...We were picked to protect a Princess..." Cele spoke up looking at her tranformation wand. "it sounds wonderful...I'll do it! I'll protect the princess!" She said Smiling.

PallaPalla looked over at her sister and smiled as well. "Me too! it might be fun! a lot of work...but fun too! and Protecting a Princess IS a great job to have!" she said happily hugging her transformation wand in her hands.

Junjun looked at the two angerly. "WHAT?? No! there's no way I'm going to protect any princess! if she needs protection she can do it HERSELF! I'm not having any part of it, I'm going back to the Island! Come on Vesuevesue!" Junjun shouted standing up and heading towards the door, she looked back at her red haired sister. "VesueVesue?...aren't you coming?" she stood there glaring at her Sister.

Vesueveuse looked at Junjun and then back at her other two sisters then at the other senshi "I....i...." she was speethless, she didn't know what to say or what to do, she was always the leader and now this time she can't control her own distony. "I...don't know..." she said quitely.

"Junjun please wait a moment!" Hotaru spoke up standing up, the others looked over at her. "Do you like Chibiusa?.."

Junjun looked up at her and looked surprised. "......why..?"

"Just answer! do you Like Chibiusa?.."

"I.....of course I do...she taught us that we....could hang in there no matter what...and still believe in our dreams even when we grow up." she smiled remembering.

"Then why won't you protect her?...she's your friend! she cares about you and if you care about her won't you want to protect her??" Hotaru shouted back, she looked very serious.

Junjun looked at her and then suddenly grew angry. "WHY WOULD SHE WANT 'ME' To Protect her??! We're not meant to be Gaurdions! we're Amazons! we can't even protect outselves let alone anyone else!!!" she shouted, she had tears running down her face. "why us....huh??...little miss dream princess...why pick us....we're not even that great..."


"to me you are." The Rabbit Said smiling.

Junjun looked up over at her.

Chibiusa got up and went over to her and took her hand into hers. "Junjun...even if you don't agree to be my gaurdion, I won't hold it agasnt you...I know this is shocking news and you wanted to go home, and even if you do I won't be mad, I'll still consider you one of my dear friends." she said smiling at Junjun and squeezing her hand.

Luna smiled. "Junjun dear, I think you don't understand, to Usagi and the rest of the girls, they don't take in the fact that she's the Future Queen and they need to protect her, they take in the fact that she's their 'friend' and they want to protect her so she'll always be there, Chibiusa is just the same, your her friend, she'll protect you...all of you at any cost and hopes that you'd protect her in return."

Junjun stared at the floor for awhile tears were dripping down onto the carpet. "but....why...? still haven't answered it yet...why us?..."

" held onto your dreams, even when you had no hope, you helped us in the very end, and you could've looked back but you didn't..that's why. you can't take back what you did to people and their dreams, but you can make it up to them." Chibusa said, then looked over at Hotaru.

"with love and justice..." Hotaru continued and smiled.

"so...I guess this means I have to put up with you a little longer huh...?" Junjun smiled looking up at Chibiusa smiling one of her cocky smirks.

Chibiusa smiled brightly and hugs onto her tightly. "I wouldn't want it anyother way!!!" she said happly, then she quickly looked over at Vesuevesuse.

"what about you Vesuevesue?" She asked, the other girls and Helios looked at her.

"I was waiting for you to come around Junjun, I'll do it now that ALL my Sisters are in." She Smiled.

so it was settled, we had our new Sailor Senshi.

"Um, So Helios, I thought you said that you couldn't leave your world because you needed to protect the golden crystal." Ami asked looking over at him and smiling while typing on her laptop.

"Yeah Helios, I thought that it was important to protect the crystal and the dreams of your own world." Motakto asked also.

Helios put his teacup down and looked at the girls smiling. "yes, I did say that didn't I?...I went back to my own world to protect all the dreams of everyone on earth, but last night while I was watching over my world, I heard someone calling for me..." he stopped and looked at Chibiusa, she looked up and over at him blushing.

"I realized who it was and I knew I needed to go to her, and protect my small lady, so I did." he said smiling to Chibiusa, Chibiusa blushed a darker shade.

The girls giggled and made little comments to one another about how Chibiusa had a boyfriend before any of them.

"But Helios...I thought you said you couldn't risk the golden crystal being on earth" Chibiusa spook up looking at the horn on his head. "yet, it's on your head..." She looked at him confused and concered.

Helios nodded "I said that too, but some things are worth risking, the truth is I don't have all of the Power of the Golden Crystal in the horn, a great part of it is still on my world, and is being protected by the three gaurdions I asigned the job for." he continued.

the girls looked at him confused. "three gaurdions? don't mean!" Mokato said shocked and went quiet.

"yes, the three gaurdions I have gaurding the power of the Golden Crystal are who you knew on this earth as Fisheye, Tigerseye and Hawkseye, who were of the dark moon circus."

The Sneshi were shocked, the Asteroids were too.

"but Helios why did you let them protect it?" Ami asked looking at him.

"I believe everyone deserves a second chance, their greatest fear was to be turned back into their real forms, with the power of the Crystal I returned to the world of dreams and I let them become humen so they could contunue to have beautiful dreams and live in my world." he said smiling. "it was never their fault, they just wanted something to have." he continued.

The Senshi smiled, thinking that it was so nice to know that the people who didn't deserve to be treated that way were finally given something that couldn't be taken away this time.

"Luna, since the Asteroids are new to battling just for old times sake can't we tranform and show them how to fight properly?" Rai spoke up with a grin on her face.

Luna sighed. "yes I guess so, if it'll help the new Senshi." She just knew what would come out of them fighting on the grounds on the shrine.

The Older Senshi Smirked and ordered the Newer Senshi outside so they could transform and start the training.

Hotaru, Chibiusa and Helios stayed inside for a little while longer to talk.

"Luna, You said that we're protect Chibusa for her Future, what did you mean by that?" Hotaru asked sitting on the bed next to luna.

Luna looked at Chibiusa and Helios, then back at Hotaru. "do I really need to explain?" she said smiling, Hotaru's eyes grew wide and she smiled brightly.

"Of Course! I understand completely!!"

Chibiusa just looked at her funny and helios smiled, he knew what they were talking about.

"The sound of the waves are calm for now, maybe our feelings were wrong." Michiru said sitting by the window at their huge house somewhere near the beach.

"be on your guard Michiru, it could change at any moment" Haruka replied looking over at her.

Setsuna walked in. "has anyone seen Hotaru?" she asked looking up at the girls, in a concered way.

they looked back at her. "I think she went to Rai's shrine to play with chibiusa...why?" Haruka asked.

Setsuna just smiled "no reason, I just wanted to talk to her about something, I'll go see if she's there."

"would you like us to come with you? Michiru asked smiling.

"'s okay, I'll be fine by myself." Setsuna said and then went outside.

Michiru and Haruka looked at each other after she left.

"do you think she's hiding something from us?" Michiru asked.

"I think so, think we should follow her?"

"yes, that would be the best idea, something might happen to her along the way." Michiru added and the two of them started off.

"Okay Junjun give me all you got!" Mokato shouted getting ready for Junjun's attack.

Junjun ran at her and went to swing, Mokato grabs her arm and flipped her backwards into the ground.

" didn't have to be so rough!" She shouted, Mokato looked down at her smiling. "Sorry but if you were out in the battlefield the Monster wouldn't be 'going easy' on you!"

Junjun got up, "oh yeah? then bring it!" she shouted running at her again. "GIRLS! GROUND FORMATION!"

Pallapalla, Celecele and Vesuevesue look up at her and smile at one another, as the older Senshi are charging at them they run the oppisite direactions.

Pallapalla ran behind Mokato, Junjun ran at her and leaped up into the air, stomping on her head pushing her to the ground and landing ontop of Pallapalla's Shoulders.

"HEY! That's cheating!!!" Mokato shouted.

Rai stood in the way as Vesuevesue ran towards her. "your not getting away like your sister!!"

Vesuevesue kept running without stopping, Rai was curious on what the tiny soldier was trying to do.

Vesue smiled looking below Rai's feet, Celecele snuck up behind her, Vesue ran up and pushed her over Cele, and Cele pinned her to the ground.

"HEY!!! get off of me!! Your a bunch of little cheaters!!" Rai screamed, "when I get up I'm going to make you pay for that you little brat!!"

Luna sat on the front of the shrine and sighed. "Girls it's not cheating it's called team work!"

"Team work huh? come on Ami! we can take them!" Minako smiled, Ami Nodded.

Junjun, Vesuevesue and Pallapalla were no where to be found when the girls were looking around, then ami screamed.

"HAHA! MONKEY ON YOUR BACK!" Pallapalla yelled as she jumped on her back and pushed her over backwards.

Minako looked up and around herself for the other two, "Okay you two your not getting me!! I'll teach you!"

Pallapalla giggled "haha, says you!" she smiled.

"what?" she said backing up and falling into a hole. "AGH!"

"Haha Told yah!" Palla Shouted.

Junjun and Vesuevesue stood over the hole and looked down at her.

"Always watch where your going." Junjun said smirking.

"yeah, you might find yourself going on a long trip!" Vesuevesue added laughing to her sister.

Luna started laughing too, "Oh goodness this is going to be a long day."

Setsuna walked up the stairs to the Shrine and looked around "Um...what happened here?" she said looking at the girls.

"ugh, it's a long story!" Rai said sighing.

"YEAH! Training New Senshi is hard!" Minako yelled from the hole.

Setsuna looked around for the body that the voice came from and walked over to the hole. "how'd you get down there?"

"I wasn't looking where I was going." Minako replied.

"Oh...well...good luck getting out." Setsuna replied and headed inside the shrine.

"UGH! THANKS A LOT!" She shouted back angerly.

"Hotaru? Hotaru?" Setsuna called out looking for the tiny soldier.

Chibiusa got up and opened the door to the room they were in, "PLU! what are you doing here?"

"Oh Chibiusa! I was looking for Hotaru I wanted to talk to her about something, and to you too!"

"Oh really? whats that plu?"

Sensuna smiled and went inside to talk to the girls.

"well I'm glad that's over" said rai standing up.

"yeah me too" replied Minako picking dirt and tiny pieces of twig out of her hair. "I hope you girls learned a very important lession today." Minako began.

"yeah that ig you guys are this weak as humans then you must be TWICE as weak as Soldiers!" Vesuevesue replied Smirking.

"No! The Lession is you'd better had been lucky that we weren't in our Senshi forms or I would've set fire to your clothes." Rai replied glaring at the girls. "and to your underwear" she added.

The Asteroids looked at her, she was quite serious. "Um...yes ma''am" they said together.

A Sudden scream came from the woods, the girls looked up.

"CITTIECITTIE!!!!" a monster jumped out of a tree, it had arrows with it.

"GIRLS! THE ENEMY!!! TRANSFORM!!!!" Luna shouted.

"RIGHT!" They shouted.









All Eight of the girls tranformed into their Sailor Uniforms.

"HEY UGLY!" Sailor Mars Yelled.

"Cittie Cittie?" The Monster looked up.

"How Dare you show up at my Fmailys Shrine! I Am Sailor Mars and I Shall Punish you for doing so!"

"So Will we! Sailor Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter! and our New Sailor Senshi, Juno, Pallas, Vesue and Cele!" shouted Venus.

"with love and justice!" they all said.

"Cittie Cittie" The Monster Shrugged, then bought out a Giant bow and arrows, "CITTIE ARROW!!!!!" It screamed releashing an arrow.

"LOOK OUT IT'S FIRING!!!" Sailor Jupiter yelled, and the other girls tried dodging it.

"I'll take care of this joker!" Shouted Venus, "Venus! Love and Beauty SHOCK!" she shouted and releashed a flying kiss at the monster, it fired back an arrow with twice the power at venus.

"WHOA! this thing is powerful!!" Venus replied.

"Let me try!!" Mars Shouted, "MARS! FIRE SOUL!!!" a streek of fire headed towards the monster.

"Cittie Cittie! FIRE!" it shouted back sending the same power but stronger back at her,

"This is getting us no where! it's only taking our powers and using them aganst us!!" Said Jupiter, what could they do??

"CITTIE CITTIE TARGET!!! CITTIE CITTIE!!!!" it said charging towards the girls.

"Whats going on out there?!" Setsuna said pulling the door open to look outside.

"CITTIE CITTIE!! TARGET LOCKED!!!!" it Screamed Shooting an Arrow towards Setsuna.



The Girls Screamed.

"PLU!!!!" Chibiusa Yelled and jumped in the way of her friend.

a Sudden flash of light appeared, and both of them were gone.

"Set....setsuna....Chibiusa....." The girls stood there in shock.

"How...DARE you!! You Killed My FRIEND AND MAMA SETSUNA!!!" Hotaru yelled in anger and grabbed her transformation Wand, she ran out of the room and transformed into Sailor Saturn.


"Plu....?...where are we..?" Chibiusa asked opening her eyes looking up at the Older Woman.

"I'm...not sure..Small Lady...why did you...get in the way like that?..." Setsuna asked looking down at her.

"Why would you ask something like that Plu? Your my Friend, of course I'm going to try and save you! even if it means my own life! that's how important you are to me." Chibiusa Smiled.

Setsuna smiled back at her sadly. "Oh Small are always trouble for me..but I'm glad."

"So...are we dead?..." Chibiusa asked looking around.

"No you are not." A Voice Spoke up Suddenly.

The two looked up, Setsuna's eyes grew wide. " can't just...can't..."

Chibiusa looked at her "can't be who? who Plu?? who??" She kept asking and looking over at the darkness.

A Beautiful Silver haired woman stepped out, she was wearing a white gown and had fairy wings, she smiled at the two of them.

"Queen Serenity..." Setsuna spoke up, she then got down to the floor and bowed. "How can this be?'ve been..."

"it's okay Pluto, you may Stand." The Queen replied.

"Queen Serenity?...I don't understand, Mama is Queen Serenity..." Chibiusa said looking confused, she kept looking at plu as if she'd tell her the answers.

"I can tell that your confused Small Lady and it's alright to be, I was Queen Serenity before your Mother took the crown." She said Smiling at the little Rabbit.

"Wait...if your....if you were Queen Serenity then that means your...your my...Grandma..." she said as tears welled up into her eyes.

The Queen let out a giggle. "yes your correct small lady, I would've been your grandmother"

"would've...? what do you mean would've??" she asked suddenly, "you don't mean that your....your..."

Setsuna stood up and looked at Chibiusa "Small lady, Queen Serenity saved the kingdom years ago to let your Mother and all the other soldiers live, she risked her life with the sliver crystal."

Chibiusa's eyes grew wider " can you be here now...?" She asked looking up at her.

Setsuna looked at her as well. "I would like to know that too my queen."

"it's because of You Small Lady, before the Enemy's Arrow went in contact with you both you were wishing for someone, calling for someone to help you, and I heard you calling...just as your mother used to call me."

Setsuna looked down at Chibiusa "Small Lady? You Called Queen Serenity??" She asked shocked.

"I...I don't know, I guess I did...did I...?" She said looking up at the Queen.

"Yes Small Lady, you didn't realize it when you were doing it, but it was I who you were calling, and I'm go greatful to know that I'm still needed."

The Queen walked closer to the two of them, and the room lit up to show the inside of the Castle of the Moon Kingdom.

"Now it's time to go back" the Queen continued.

"But Queen Serenity, I'm still not clear on whats happening! why is this new enemy here? and why was it after me??" setsuna asked looking distressed.

"My Dear it's not you that it's after, it's after your Moon Stone." The Queen said looking sad.

"Moon Stone??" They both asked.

The Queen Nodded. "It's a type of Stone that is inside of you, inside your heart it's your loyality to the kingdom, your love, your will and power to protect this earth, you must never let anyone take it away from you, or very bad things will happen, a new Enemy has come down to earth, and it's up to You Princess Serenity, and Sailor Pluto and all the other Sailor Senshi to be strong."

Setsuna and Chibiusa nodded. "And Please...Small Lady, Tell Serenity...your Mother...that I'm very Pride of her, In the Past and the Future, she truely is perfect for the Crown." The Queen Said smiling,

she then held up her hand and a flash of light appeared tranforming Setsuna into Sailor Pluto and Chibiusa into Sailor Chibi-Moon. "Protect Each other, I'll always be with you."

The Queen Said and then sent them back.

Meanwhile In the battle between the Senshi and the Monster, The Senshi were losing, and growing weaker, and the Monster had Pinned them up to the trees with the Arrows, Including Poor Heilos!

"You'll never Win Monster!!" Shouted Saturn, trying to swipe at it with her Sythe.

"CITTIE CITTIE, CIIIIIIITTIE!!!!!" it Shouted firiing more arrows and finally pinning Poor Saturn to a Tree.

"GIRLS!!!" Luna yelled and ran over to them trying to help, The Monster Fired an Arrow at Luna knocking her backwards.

"ugh....oh if...only Chibiusa...and Setsuna were here..." She said trying to get up.

"CITTIE CITTIE!" The Monster went over and grabs luna by fur on her neck. "KITTIE BYEBYE!" it said about to throw luna into a tree.


A Purple Orb of shooting light hits the monster and knocks it to the ground, luna goes flying and lands in Chibi-Moon's arms.

"CHIBI-MOON! PLUTO!" Luna yelled Happly, "Your Alive!!" She added.

"That's Right Luna!" Chibi-Moon said putting Luna safely down on the ground.

"Chibi-Moon, I'll take distract this Monster while you free the others!" Pluto Yelled and ran off making the Monster Follow her.

Chibi-Moon went over to the Senshi and pulled the Arrows from their clothes freeing them.

"Chibi-Moon! how can you be alive? you just disappeared??" Minako said asking, and hugging onto her.

"thank goodness your alright we were so worried!" Yelled Sailor Pallas.

"Small Lady, thank the heavens." Helios said Hugging onto her as well.

Chibi-Moon Blushed but then looked up. "I'll explain that later, but right now we've got to Help Plu!" she said running towards were Pluto ran off to.

"DEAD SCREAM!" Pluto sent off another blow to the Monster.

"CITTIE CITTIE SCREAM!" The Monster sent off another Arrow heading towards Pluto, She Blocked it with her time Key.

Chibi-Moon and the other Senshi ran over to Pluto and stood in front of her.

"HELIOS! NOW!!" Chibi-Moon shouted, she got out her Crystal Twinkie Yell, Helios' horn glew and light covered the yell, tranforming it into the Rod.

Chibi-Moon ran infront of the senshi right when the monster was going to strike. "MOON! SPARKLING DREAM ROD!!!! ACTION!!!!" She shoved her arm forward and the colorful heart shaped blast shot out of the wand and right into the monster.

"CITTIE CITTIE BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!" she screamed and disappeared into the light.

The Girls jumped up and down in Joy, and hugging Chibi-Moon, "She did it, she did it!" they shouted.

The Asteroids stood there with their arms crossed. "we didn't even get to fight this time" said Junjun pouting.

"I'm sure we will next time." Said Vesue.

Just then Michiru And Haruka ran up the stairs to the Shrine.

"PLUTO! Are you okay? we saw flashing lights and heard screaming an-" Michiru began and then stopped.

Pluto smiled. "I'm Okay, I had our Small Lady Protect me."

They both Smiled, but they were very confused as to what Happened, Maybe the other girls would explain later.

The Sun started to set on the Old Shrine and the Girls were heading home.

"Oh Plu? You wanted to talk to me and hotaru about something?" Chibiusa asked before the girls could walk away.

Setsuna looked at Michiru and Haruka as an Okay for them to go on, She then bent down to Chibiusa and Hotaru's Level.

"This is something very important for the two of you to remember, your fighting together now, Your the Future Princess, and it's up to you to protect this beautiful earth and all who live on it, but don't let that scare you Small Lady, because you have us, your friends and Family to always help you"

Setsuna stopped and looked to Hotaru. "Hotaru, as Small Lady's dearest friend, it's up to you to protect her, we will be behind you, because no Senshi deserves to fight alone, but you are the one who is the most important for the job. because you were her first and forever friend."

She Continued smiling at the two girls, hotaru looked at Chibiusa in a sad way "why wouldn't I protect Chibiusa, she was my first friend too, she never gave up hope on me, I promise to protect her with my life." She said with tears in her eyes, and then hugged onto her friend tightly.

"now, now Hotaru, don't cry, it's okay" Chibiusa said patting her friend on the back.

It wasn't until Night fell that Chibiusa finally got home, but who knew that Usagi would be waiting up for her and be very angry when she got home.

"and just where have you been young lady??" Usagi stood in the door way with her hands on her hips looking angry and concered. "You've been gone all day, and half the night with no phone call or anything telling me you were alright! something could've happened to you and I would've never known!"

Usagi shouted following her as she took her shoes off and started up the stairs.

"I'm Sorry Usagi, I got tied up in Senshi stuff" Chibiusa replied stopping halfway up the stairs.

"Well CALL Next time!" Usagi shouted storming off into the kitchen.

Chibiusa stood at the stairs after she left staring at the floor, she went back down them and into the Kitchen where Usagi disappeared to.

"Usagi..." Chibiusa spoke up, while she stood in the door way.

Usagi looked up and over at her. "What?"

"Queen Serenity is proud of you."

"wha....what...?" Usagi looked at her shocked.

"Your Mama, Queen Serenity, She said she was glad that the Crown went over to you, she's proud of what you've become." Chibiusa continued and looked up at her.

Usagi stood there in shock, staring at the ground. "...Mama..." Usagi said, with a sad smile, she then looked up at Chibiusa again. "Thank you."

"Your Welcome Usagi." Chibiusa smiled back and headed back upstairs. Usagi looked up at the window to the moon. "thank you...Mama.."

Somewhere Cold and Dark, covered in Crystal.

"Have you found it YET??!" a Woman's voice was heard and she sounded very angry.

"No, not yet my queen, but Soon" a Man's voice was heard in reply.

"SOON! IS Not SOON ENOUGH, I WANT IT NOW!!!!" The Woman Screamed. "We are running out of time!"

"I know my queen, I will make sure the next one is the one." The man replied and bowed.

"You'd Better." The Woman answered.

To Be Continued.
Okay first of all, sorry if it's in the wrong Category, it confuses me.

This is the second part of my Fanfic "A Dream of Being Re-united"
If you remember from the last time, it's been a few years since Chibi-usa has seen Helios and misses him, but A new Evil has come down to the earth to take over, new scouts are born, and someone comes back to save the day!

Enjoy the Second Half!
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Atleast JunJun wasn't like that in the manga when they became her gaurdians :)
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